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2010 Conference

The 11th Canadian Conference on Collaborative Mental Health Care took place from Thursday, May 13 to Saturday, May 15, 2010 at the Delta Winnipeg.


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Message from the Conference Co-Chairs:

Hello to all!

It’s been over two months since the completion of the 11th Canadian Conference on Collaborative Mental Health Care in Winnipeg, and we’re hoping you were able to take home some excellent practical solutions and warm memories.  We’re excited to have had representation from various parts of Canada at the conference and the participation of consumers and professionals alike.

The opportunity to meet became a window to look into the Shared Care movement and see how it is effectively functioning across our country.  Your participation and presence here in Winnipeg made this conference a significantly successful event and we’re hoping that it has encouraged you in your many roles that aim to promote collaboration within primary health care.

The challenges that were presented from the podium to rethink our stance on mental health were refreshing.  The various sessions provided new and practical information to use in our clinical practices.  The preconference programs were very informative and much appreciated as per the responses by participants.  Many have informed us of their appreciation of our speakers, the food, the entertainment and the chance to meet others with similar interests.  We have fond memories of the Multicultural evening, Coffee house, and Drum Café - drumming, dancing and listening to music. Check out the website at www.shared-care.ca for a parade of pictures from the conference which we hope will bring back some wonderful memories.  

As well, presentations from the conference have now also been posted on the website.  If you intended to send us your presentation and have not yet done so, send it to sari.ackerman@HamiltonFHT.ca and she will post it for you.

We look forward to meeting you at more conferences throughout the years and we wish Halifax all the best as they begin their planning for the 2011 Conference.  The challenge that our theme provided, “Keeping One Step Ahead”, continues to prod us on to explore, listen, learn and apply new and creative knowledge within our practice of collaborative care.  We’re hoping the conference has provided this opportunity for you this year.  Thank you for making our conference an exciting and meaningful event!

Take care til the next time!

Dr. R. B. Goossen and Dr. Jamie Boyd

August 2010



Collaborative Mental Health Care in Canada
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