Friday, June 2, 2017


Made in Canada - Towards an integrative model for collaborative care
Nick Kates

The collaborative pursuit of optimal health and well-being in our patients: overcoming the barriers to change in thinking and practice
L. Read Sulik

Concurrent Sessions


Families amongst the agencies: service provider perspectives 
Noah Spector

Healthy Heroes: promoting healthy behaviour change for weight-related body issues in Canadian families
Jessica Baratta

School avoidance in children and youth
Olivia MacLeod

Structural and systemic barriers to mental health care for communities of colour
Vashti Campbell

Supporting the mental health of refugees in Ottawa: a collaborative shared care model
Doug Gruner, Azaad Kassam, Siffan Rahman and Bonita Varga

A third-year program in psychiatry for family doctors
Jon Davine

Collaborating to empower front-line primary care staff to effectively and compassionately respond to patients in crisis
Tracy Meeker, Loanna Maidment and Vicki Bassett (contributing author)

Building primary care capacity in mental illness and addictions through large-scale mentoring networks
Arun Radhakrishnan and Susan Rock

Works in Progress* From screening to services: integrating the HEADS-ED mental health screening tool into primary care
Mireille St-Jean and Mario Cappelli

Works in Progress* Innovations under one umbrella: creating mental health delivery options in northwestern Ontario communities
John Haggarty and Supuneet Bismil 

Works in Progress* Using web-based REDCap to support mental health integration in primary care for ADHD treatment
Walaa Gomaa, Kathleen Pajer, William Gardner, Meghan McCann and Philippe Robaey


Cognitive behavioral therapy in children/teens
Katharina Manassis

Works in Progress* The ORACLE collaborative pathway - for pregnant people who use substances
Joan Bueckert, Kim Corace, Laura Gaudet, Amy McGee, Andrew McLellan, Laura Sellers and Melanie Willows

Core components of collaborative-care models for integrating mental health and physical health care services in primary care setting: results from a scoping review
Heather Bullock and Judith Versloot

Shared care in diabetes and mental health: why we need to talk about it?
Gaurav Mehta

Collaborative family involvement in adult mental health care: narratives from 3 countries
David Humphreys

Ten years of research in collaborative youth mental health (YMH) care in multi-ethnic and socioeconomically diverse neighbourhoods: lessons learned
Lucie Nadeau, Janique Johnson-Lafleur and Cécile Rousseau

Works in Progress* A new approach to patient-centric collaborative mental health care: focusing on functionality and capitalizing on technology
Cheryl Netterfield

Can e-therapies reduce mental health service use? Results from a randomized controlled trial of coach-facilitated online therapy in patients with depression referred to secondary care services
Simon Hatcher

TIPP-TOE: transfer to primary practice - the Ottawa Hospital experience
Tracy Meeker, Colleen MacPhee and Paddi O'Hara Consulting (contributing author)

Weight matters: improving care for youth with eating disorders and obesity
Wendy Spettigue, Mark Norris and Annick Buchholz 

Foundational clinical routines of integrated primary care for hard-to-serve populations
Alexander Blount

Collaborating to improve access to social benefits for persons with mental illness and addictions: an interactive workshop
Michael Tau, Jackie Esmonde, Rami Shoucri, Johanna MacDonald, Marie Chen, Mary Marrone, Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul, Gary Bloch, Jon Hunter, Kristina Powles and Nadiya Sunderji

Moving from anxiety to optimal wellness
L. Read Sulik

Presentations by the CFPC/CPA 2017 Collaborative Mental Health Care Award winners:

A race against time
James Felix

St. Michael's Hospital Academic Family Health Team, St. Michael's Hospital Mental Health and Addiction Services, Ryerson University Psychology
Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul, Celia Schwartz, Priya Vasa and Nadiya Sunderji

SATUrday, june 3, 2017


Fasten your seatbelts! Driving improvements in collaborative care through quality measurement
Nadiya Sunderji

Concurrent Sessions


Child and youth mental health symposium
Part I: Overview of child and youth shared care in Canada 
Helen R. Spenser
Part II: The CanREACH Pediatric Pharmacology Program
Blair Ritchie
Part III: Project ECHO® Ontario Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) 
Kathleen Pajer, William Gardner, Josée Blackburn and Cindy Dawson

Connecting with persons experiencing mental illness and substance use: patient perceptions of helpful care
Cezara Hanganu and Lydia Ould Brahim

Trans Canada: building transgender community connections
Mateo Huezo

Promoting mental health and coping skills among sexual and gender minority youth: a pilot community-based affirmative cognitive-behavioural group intervention
Gio Iacono, Shelley L. Craig and Ashley Austin  

Communication, coordination, collaboration
Dianne Delva

The healing power of a shared care model: identifying the role of a collaborative culture and improving service delivery to vulnerable populations by applying lessons learned from individuals with lived experience
Maria Bargeman

A qualitative, realist evaluation of three collaborative care prjects designed to improve the delivery of health services for patients with physical and mental health comorbidities
Elizabeth Mansfield and Melissa Winterbottom 

How we can better meet the needs of parents of people with schizophrenia
Susan Inman

Navigating Medical Assistance in Dying (MaiD) in primary care: readiness, roles, and realities
Cecelia Palmer and Jennifer Morritt

Patient-centered care: addressing complex youth mental health needs in primary health care
Ashnoor Nagji and Daniela Milea

Designing, developing and leading an active multidisciplinary association for university students in mental healthcare
Eleanor McGroarty and Erinn Brown

Adolescent therapy using film: theory and process
Nadeem Akhtar, Shirley Hurley and Andrea Speziale

Valuing mental health stakeholder group - a live experiment in community collaboration contributing to better mental health and addiction services in Alberta
Tom Shand and Scott Phillips

A grounded theory study to develop an incentive model for quality care of depression and anxiety in Ontario Family Health Teams: initial findings from Phase 1
Matthew Menear and Rachelle Ashcroft

Evaluation of an electronic consultation service in psychiatry for eastern Ontario
Julia Stratton and Douglas Archibald


Protocol development to ensure children and youth with mental health crises have timely access to services
Shirley Sze and Raj Chahal

Suicide prevention among men: innovative interventions with a high-risk demographic
Marnin J. Heisel and Simon Hatcher

Can you really do this in primary care?  The DA VINCI Project
Nadeem Akhtar, Jehaan Illyas, Brad LaForme and Katie Davidman

Inter-agency collaboration: a bridge from hospital to community services
Mariève Hurtubise, Pamela Storey Baker, Hazen Gandy and Smita Thatte

Effective knowledge translation with the I2I: innovation to implementation in 7 steps
Liz Wigfull

Supporting primary care to deliver mental health and addiction care: contrasting current models in Ontario, Canada
Arun Radhakrishnan and Jose Silveira